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Aquarium Industries is Australia’s largest wholesaler of tropical fish
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Aquarium Industries source Marine fish from all over the world
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Aquarium Industries Tissue Culture plants are snail, disease & algae free
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Aquarium Fish – Freshwater & Marine Fish

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Aquarium Fish – Freshwater & Marine Fish

Aquarium Industries is the largest supplier of high quality freshwater & marine, aquarium fish to the retail sector in Australia. With over 45 years’ experience in supplying pet & aquarium retailers around Australia, AI continues to lead the market, sourcing new and exciting species from all over the world.
Aquarium Industries provide training & support for our retailers, and their customers, with our extensive range of caresheets available online and our Web based training.

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Identifying Marine Fish – Posters by Lemon TYK

Exciting Announcement...
Aquarium Industries are very excited to announce we have been chosen as the Australian distributor of Lemon TYK's new and ...

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Attention please

Fish Import Changes: An Update From AI

Aquarium Industries would like to provide an update on the recent changes relating to the importing of aquarium fish as implemented by the Departm...

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running river armstrong image001

Help Save a Threatened Fish Species

ANGFA (Australian New Guinea Fishes Association) has started a crowd funding project to conserve the Running River Rainbowfish.
This is a populatio...

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Freshwater Aquatic Plants for your Aquarium

The Benefits of Aquatic Plants
Freshwater aquatic plants are the recycling system of the aquarium. They use the waste products from the fish as ferti...

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Dont release fish into the environment image

Why you shouldn’t release your aquarium fish into our environment

Don't Release Aquarium Fish Into Our Environment
Aquarium fish keeping is very popular in Australia, with an estimated 60% of households having pet f...

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