From Comets to Wakins Aquarium Industries stock them all
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Tropical Fish

Aquarium Industries is Australia’s largest wholesaler of tropical fish
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Marine Fish

Aquarium Industries source Marine fish from all over the world
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Aquarium Industries Tissue Culture plants are snail, disease & algae free
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Aquarium Fish – Freshwater & Marine Fish

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Aquarium Fish – Freshwater & Marine Fish

Aquarium Industries is the largest supplier of high quality freshwater & marine, aquarium fish to the retail sector in Australia. With over 45 years’ experience in supplying pet & aquarium retailers around Australia, AI continues to lead the market, sourcing new and exciting species from all over the world.
Aquarium Industries provide training & support for our retailers, and their customers, with our extensive range of caresheets available online and our Web based training.

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PRE-ORDER red Rubber Stamp over a white background.

Pre-order German Shipment NOW!!!

It’s that time again, Aquarium Industries is once again opening pre-orders for our next German shipment.
Take this chance to secure your favour...

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Freshwater Aquatic Plants for your Aquarium

The Benefits of Aquatic Plants
Freshwater aquatic plants are the recycling system of the aquarium. They use the waste products from the fish as ferti...

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Dont release fish into the environment image

Why you shouldn’t release your aquarium fish into our environment…

Don't Release Fish Into Our Environment
Aquarium fish keeping is very popular in Australia, with an estimated 60% of households having pet fish. It i...

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Fish Care Education

Fish Care Education

Fish Care Education is the key to success
At Aquarium Industries we understand the value of education and training both within the industry and to th...

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An introduction to aquarium fish health

Dr. Rob Jones   “The Aquarium Vet”

Maintaining an aquarium is one of life’s pleasures. To have a small snap shot of the natural environment...

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