How Aquarium Industries Supports Independent Aquariums

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Aquarium Industries: Aquarium Fish Supplier Supporting Independent Aquariums

As Australia’s leading aquarium fish supplier, Aquarium Industries are equipped to work with pet and aquarium businesses of all sizes, including independent stores. We have developed a range of processes and support materials to assist our independent clients with everything from marketing materials through to training and efficient ordering processes.

Aquarium Industries supply a huge range of wholesale aquarium fish and products including livestock, food, medications, plants and even the display cabinets for your store. We aim to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for independent aquarium shop owners, making the ordering process easier and more efficient. Our size and global network ensures that we are able to negotiate the best prices from manufacturers and livestock suppliers all over the world and we pass the savings onto our own customers. Where we are unable to find products to meet our own exacting standards, we manufacture our own – see our Naturals range of frozen foods and live foods as well as our tissue culture plants range .

Read more about the benefits of Aquarium Industries here or learn more about our business, processes and history as an aquarium fish supplier on our FAQs page.

Supporting Independent Aquarium and Pet Stores

At Aquarium Industries we strongly believe in training and support for our retailers and that is why we are the only live fish supplier to not only have reps available for instore visits and training but also an exclusive online training program aimed at retailers. Having fully trained and supported staff instore is the base for a great relationship with your aquatic customers.

Our store locator receives several thousand hits every month making it a starting point for a huge amount of aquatic customers. By being an Aquarium Industries retailer you are able to have your store listed on our store locator page which allows people to find you even if you don’t have big bright signage and main road store frontage. A new retailer to AI noted recently that ‘since joining AI and having my store on the locator page on AI’s website has increased foot traffic into my store.’

We aim to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for small or independent aquarium shop owners, making the ordering process easier and more efficient. Every month Aquarium Industries release a themed sales and marketing kit. These kits are completely customisable meaning you can pick the fish you want to advertise, you can enter the ‘was’ price and the ‘sale’ price to suit your needs… you can even name your sale!

Along with our sales kits, Aquarium Industries retailers can also create their own shelf talkers or price tags; simply enter the details and click create and your personalised shelf talkers are ready to print.

Now let’s talk specials, no one benefits from our specials more than our independent stores, the dynamic range alone varies from 30 to over 180 lines (in stocktake season) giving store complete flexibility to target their specific market. Many of the specials are chosen to meet the monthly sales & marketing kit. We work very closely with our suppliers to bring you fantastic specials, so when our supplier has a special, we buy in bulk and pass that special to you, so that you can then pass that special price onto your customers; a win-win for everyone.”

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