February Update: Changes to Industry

Update: Changes to Industry

The release of Biosecurity Advice (BA 2014/11) released on 8 September 2014 about the finalised Import Risk Analysis for gourami iridovirus and related viruses, the Department of Agriculture has held 2 information sessions with importers in Brisbane and Melbourne with a third planned for Sydney next week. In these meetings the Department has discussed the final IRA and how it will be implemented on March 1st 2015. All 22 countries that are approved to send Freshwater fish to Australia have been advised of the changes, and the Department will be sending a staff member to the 5 major exporting countries (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand) in mid-November to have detailed discussions about implementing the new procedure. Further updates will be provided as new information comes to hand.

Some fish will be lost from our industry forever!


At this stage the government is still planning to implement the import changes, with increase testing for Megalocytivirus susceptible species so this could be your last chance to secure Wild Discus and your favourite Cichlids to mention a few. While Corydoras will not be affected by the impending changes, check out some fancy and rare cory’s that are available for you to order.
This will be our LAST SHIPMENT of fishes before the March 1st deadline.

South American Cichlids
African Cichlids

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