General Care and Maintenance

GeneralCareBannerWhether you are a first time fish owner, or have many years experience, there’s always something new to learn!

Starting out

index Community Fish & Aquariums – Your Guide
index Setting up a Freshwater Aquarium
index Setting up a Marine Tank at Home
index How to set up a Childs First tank
index Add_Fish_to_Home Aquarium
index New Tank Syndrome
index Goldfish Varieties Poster
index Don’t Release Your Fish Into Our Environment

Latest trends

index Nano Tanks – A Handy Guide
index An Introduction to Planted Nano Tanks
index Aquascaping: 10 Tips for Success
index Is your Aquarium Feng Shui?
index Brackish Water Conditions

Extreme weather

index Cool weather tips
index Hot weather tips

Health and Maintenance

index Net Sterilisation
index White Spot – Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention
index General Hardness
index pH – A Guide
index Handling Hazardous Fish
index Hand Sanitisers and Other Chemicals
index Feed your Plants for Success – Your guide to successfully fertilising aquatic plants

If disaster strikes

index Possible Impact of Flood on Water
index Steps to recovering fish tanks from flood damage