Identifying Marine Fish – Posters by Lemon TYK

Identifying Marine Fish

Exciting Announcement…

Aquarium Industries are very excited to announce we have been chosen as the Australian distributor of Lemon TYK’s new and improved fish posters, and we will also be publishing the first 2 posters in the series.

Lemon, well known to reef hobbyists for his articles in a variety of online platforms, is a reef fish fanatic currently pursuing his tertiary education in Sydney. Like many, he started toying around with the fresh water hobby but quickly grew into a proficient hobbyist in the marine scene. His passion for the natural world sees him travelling to far flung, exotic places, where his secondary love for photography comes in handy. At 23, Lemon is one of the youngest and most prolific fish writers, and is well known for his obsession with the wrasse genus Cirrhilabrus.
Lemon TYK fish enthusiast

Aquarium Industries and Lemon will be distributing the posters via your local fish shop.
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