Introducing the Aquarium Industries Authorised Retailer Program

Aquarium Industries Stockists

We are proud to announce the launch of our ‘Authorised Retailer Program’; this program is designed to assist consumers in locating Aquarium Industries stockists. The program consists of the following:

The Aquarium Industries Store Locator:

Our store locator lists the physical address and contact details of every single retailer that currently carries Aquarium Industries products. It allows you to type in your post code to locate the stockists that are closest to you and provides you with the address, phone number and website.

Our store locator is the number one way to check if a fish or pet store stocks Aquarium Industries products. Click here to use the Store Locator now.

Authorised Retailer Website Badges:

We have recently provided website banners to all of our retailers to post onto their websites; they link through to our Store Locator so you can easily double check that they are indeed an authorised stockist.

Authorised Retailer Window Stickers:

Over the coming months, we will be providing our stockists with branded window stickers that they can display on their shopfronts, promoting their status as an Aquarium Industries stockist.

Please note that these stickers will be distributed over a number of months so don’t be alarmed if your LFS who you know to be a stockist does not display one immediately – if you are uncertain please check the Store Locator to confirm that they are a stockist.

Always Know Where Your Fish Come From

We have developed this program for a number of reasons; firstly, locating Aquarium Industries stockists is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked by consumers. Secondly, we are aware that recently there have been some people claiming false affiliation with the Aquarium Industries brand.

We select all of our stockists carefully and any pet and aquarium retailers that wish to carry Aquarium Industries livestock and aquarium products are required to meet certain standards. Our new Authorised Retailer Program is designed to discourage non-affiliated traders from using our brand and likeness to sell their products.

As a general rule, Aquarium Industries do not sell directly to the public and we also do no sell directly to home breeders or hobbyists – please use the resources of our Authorised Retailer Program (Store Locator, Website Banners, Window Stickers) to identify our stockists so that you always know where your fish have come from.

If you own a fish or pet store and would like to enquire about becoming an Authorised Aquarium Industries Retailer, please fill in our Enquiry Form. For more information about where Aquarium Industries source our livestock from, read our ‘Where do Aquarium Fishes Come From?‘ blog article.