Aquarium Plants

Live plants make an attractive addition to your aquarium, as they bring a slice of nature into your very own living space. They also provide a place of shelter and safety for your fish and act as a natural filter by utilising the nutrients produced through fish waste. Live plants also help to reduce algae growth.

Additionally, live plants produce oxygen by absorbing and reducing the carbon dioxide in your aquarium and in some cases also offer your fish a natural food source. Choosing plant species that are suitable for your specific water type and fish species will ensure your aquarium is able to thrive.

Aquarium Industries offers a wide range of plants with different purposes. Some of our plants are grown to provide a splash of colour and vibrancy to your tanks, much like a bunch of flowers adds colour to your home. These plants are tagged as temporary aquatic, and the code for these temporary plants is prefixed with PD. Temporary aquatic plants are unlikely to survive very long, as their purpose is to add life and colour temporarily. True aquatic plants are grown to last, and are prefixed with PA in their codes. The majority of our plants sold are true aquatic.

You can see examples of these code types below:


Each and every plant has a purpose, and all our plants are grown at our very own plant farm.

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