Carassius auratus auratus
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The “Cap” or “Hood” may be absent in young fish and may take up to several years to develop fully. Usually at a length of 7- 9cm the head growth will start to become more pronounced.


The “Cap” or “Hood” may be absent in young Oranda goldfish and may take up to several years to develop fully.

The head growth will usually start to become more pronounced at the length of 7- 9cm.

The term “Fancy” refers to goldfish that have been specifically bred to enhance certain colours, patterns and or body characteristics when compared with more orthodox or simply shaped goldfish, such as the comet. They are extremely popular with many enthusiasts as they offer some of the most unique and interesting coldwater fish available. As outlined below these fancy goldfish include; celestials, lionheads, pearlscales and orandas to mention just a few. Even though they exhibit many different colour patterns and body characteristics, they are all the one species, Carassius auratus. The domesticated dog Canis lupus familiaris is another great example of this, with a large amount of diversity all originating from the same species.

While fancy goldfish have the same water quality requirements as standard goldfish, such as comets and fantails, they are generally more sensitive to water quality fluctuations and require regular aquarium maintenance to ensure they remain in good health.

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