Black Soldier Fly Pupae

Hermetia illucens
  • Care Sheet

Feed your pets naturally!

These pupae are a nutritious addition to your reptiles diet.



AI Black Soldier Fly Pupae are an excellent food source for many species of reptiles; most Lizards, dragons, geckos, large frogs, and turtles will love it.

NO Gutload or Calcium supplements needed! AI Black Soldier Fly Pupae are high in calcium, low in phosphorus, which make a great staple food or treat for your omnivorous or your insectivorous pets!

Because of the high calcium content, AI black soldier fly Pupae even have the ability to prevent calcium deficiency diseases. Along with also containing lauric acid, which can help with bacterial and parasitic infections.

The Pupae are in a non-feeding stage of their life cycle, as such they tend to be quite inactive.

Simply give them a gentle shake to ‘wake them up’

Store at room temperature.