Cardinal Tetra

Paracheirodon axelrodi
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Cardinal Tetra’s have iridescent red and blue stripes, the red stripe on the cardinals run all the way from nose to tail.


The cardinal tetra has a red stripe that runs from the nose to the tail, accompanied by an iridescent blue stripe. They are a friendly fish, suitable for community tanks and schooling.

Tetras are the most common type of fish found in South America after catfish. Their name is commonly used for a large group of fish characterised by the presence of a small adipose fin between their dorsal and caudal fin. The term Tetra is actually not a taxonomic grouping, as many unrelated fishes from differing families have been commonly called Tetras.

Tetras are the second most commonly kept fish in community tank setups, after livebearers (see our Livebearer Care Sheet for more information on these fish) . They are popular because of their vibrant colours, manageable size, mild behaviour and schooling habits.

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