Freshwater Inverts & Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crab

Coenobita variabilis
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The Land Hermit Crab makes a wonderful pet. It is friendly, intelligent, odour free and very clean. This crab has evolved to live on land and uses an empty shell as a portable home, as well as for protection.


The land hermit crab is somewhat nocturnal by nature and will sleep during most of the day.

Low temperature and low humidity will cause the crabs to be inactive and stressed. Crabs love company, get on well together and are most active when kept in a group. They are capable of inflicting a painful nip, but will tame over time.

Use an aquarium with a glass cover. Humidity of between 50-70% is essential to the crab’s health. The floor of the aquarium should be kept dry and can be covered with shell grit, aquarium sand, or in winter coarse sawdust to keep them warm. A piece of driftwood or mangrove roots provides a great playground. Land hermit crabs love to climb. These crabs are long lived and if cared for will live up to 15 years. What a great pet!

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