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Crypt. Parva

Cryptocoryne parva
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This Cryptocoryne is the smallest within its genus. Looks best when planted in large groups to form a dense mass along the foreground. Its slow growth means minimal maintenance.


Cryptocoryne parva is the smallest of all the Cryptocoryne species. When planted in groups about 2cm apart, it will create a delightful carpet, or lawn-like, effect. Each pack of Aquarium Industries Naturals Range Cryptocoryne parva contains 5 complete plants, so is ideal for creating this effect.

Like most Cryptocorynes it requires stable water conditions (see downloadable care sheet), however it does require more light than other plants in the same family. The growth rate for this aquarium plant is slow, but will increase with the addition of CO2. As it feeds primarily via its roots, provide substrate fertilisers for best results.

Cryptocoryne parva’s small size and slow growth make it highly desirable for aquascaping, as minimal maintenance is needed to keep it healthy.

Height: 4-5cm

Lighting: Medium- High

pH: 6.8-7.2

Temp:  22-26o

Skill Level: 3

Tissue Culture Plants have been grown in sterile containers that allow the to be easily moved and which are free from disease, pest and pathogens.

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