Eel – Snowflake Moray

Echidna nebulosa
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The Snowflake Moray Eel is a tropical marine fish, that is hardy, and not extremely fussy about water conditions. Because of the size to which they can grow, they require a minimum tank size of 120 litres.

As with other Eels, a tight fitting lid is essential to prevent them from escaping.


The Snowflake Moray Eel is a predator and requires meaty foods such as fresh and frozen fish, crustacean flesh and krill, using a feeding stick. Adult Snowflakes only require feeding 2—3 times per week, juveniles need more frequent feeding.

Snowflake Morays can be kept with other Morays, and are considered to be the most outgoing moray as they are commonly seen swimming out in the open. You should provide them with rocky lairs in which to hide and they will settle quickly into aquarium life.

They are peaceful towards tank mates that they don’t see as a potential meal. They can be very aggressive during feeding time and have been know to latch on to other fish during the feeding frenzy

Aquarium Industries Care Sheet