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Frozen Cyclops

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Contains Cyclops.
Suitable for Small Freshwater & Marine Fish & Seahorses




Aquarium Industries Frozen Cyclops

Aquarium Industries Frozen Food Range contains the same ingredients that your fish and turtles feed on naturally. We supply our full range including frozen cyclops to Australian aquarium and pet store retailers – if you’d like to open an account for your business, please register your interest here, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

If you would like to feed your pet fish Aquarium Industries Frozen Cyclops, then please use our Store Locator to find a list of your closest retail stockists.

Feed Your Fish Natural Frozen Cyclops

Aquarium Industries Frozen Foods are the perfect complement to dry foods.

It is specifically designed to be readily accepted and easily digested by a wide range of species, and contains no preservatives or artificial colours.

The perfect food for small mouthed ‘hard to feed’ species including new fry, corals and small marines like Blennies, Mandarin fish, Boxfishes, Gobies and others coded SML or TNY.

As well as micro freshwater fish such as Galaxy Rasbora, Maculate Rasbora, Emerald Eye Rasbora and Emerald Green Rasbora.

Excellent coral food as used by coral collectors while holding corals before shipping.

Aquarium Industries Care Sheet