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Frozen Daphnia

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Contains Daphnia.
Suitable for Small Freshwater & Marine Fish




Aquarium Industries Frozen Daphnia

We supply wholesale frozen Daphnia to pet stores, aquarium stores and other retailers all across Australia – if you have a business in the aquarium and pet store industry and would like to enquire about opening an account and becoming an authorised Aquarium Industries retailer, please complete our enquiry form here.

Aquarium Industries Frozen Fish Foods have been made based on the food that your fish feed on naturally and are made to our own exacting recipes.

They perfectly complement dry foods, and contribute to a balanced, healthy diet. The Aquarium Industries Frozen Foods contains no artificial colours or preservatives, and every pack contains detailed feeding instructions.

Feed your pets the Natural way with Aquarium Industries’ full range of frozen fish food products. Click here to find you local AI stockist.

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