Hengel’s Rasbora

Trigonostigma hengeli
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The Hengel’s Rasbora has a yellow fins with a silver coloured body with a small black triangular band or wedge that runs from the lateral line to the caudal peduncle and to the base of the stomach, above the black band is a bright red line.


Hengel’s Rasboras are a peaceful, hardy fish that is active in the aquarium, yet does not annoy other fish. They look best when kept in small schools; and are excellent community fish. They go particularly well with peaceful Tetras and other Rasboras, smaller bottom dwelling species such as the Corydoras Catfish or Bristlenose Catfish.

They will bring lots of activity to the top levels of your aquarium and should not bother any of their tank mates.

Aquarium Industries Care Sheet