Lionfish & Triggerfish

Lionfish – Shortfin

Dendrochirus brachypterus
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The Shortfin Lionfish, also known as the Dwarf Lionfish, commonly grown to only 15cm,they have a wonderful yellow/ orange and black tiger stripe pattern and spikes coming from the body.

Take care however as these fish are venomous and precautions should be taken when caring for all Lionfish


Lionfish are a very hardy, bold, long lived aquarium fish that will spend most of their time in the open but do require several caves where it can retreat to.

Lionfish should be fed live food when recently introduced to a tank and when small to initiate feeding. They can then be weaned on to frozen or fresh fish, shrimp or other meaty marine food. Needs to be fed 3 – 4 times a week, young specimens will need more frequent feeding.

CAUTION! The lionfish has venomous fin spines which can inflict painful stings, and can have serious side effects. If stung, seek medical advice immediately.

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