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Oryzias latipes
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A very popular aquarium and pond fish and a perfect addition to your tank or pond. Hardy species, very forgiving for water quality making it an excellent beginners fish


Medakas are suited for community tanks with smaller species of fish like white clouds and danios. They will also get along with goldfish and paradise fish and are ideal for stocking in unheated aquariums.

There are a few different types of medakas, including the moonlight medaka which is a white version, a gold and orange type and the standard golden variety. They are all the same shape and have the same fin formation. The Golden type is a long slender fish with an arched back and nice colorations of orange and yellows. The wild forms are less colourful and duller.

Medakas grow to approximately 4cm. They can live for up to 5 years if kept in the correct environment

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