Xiphophorus maculatus
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Platys are peaceful, hardy, active and very colourful. In numbers they can effectively brighten up a dull, drab tank. They have a very inquisitive personality, and will explore all levels of the tank. They are also suited to Nano Tanks.


Platys will eat most aquarium fish food and also graze on any algae growing within the aquarium. They will benefit from a varied diet, and we recommend the addition of Aquarium Industries Frozen Tropical Mix to add much needed variety and nutrients. They can also be kept in ponds outdoors (in warmer climates, northern states only) to control mosquito levels and algae levels.

Platys are livebearers, meaning the female gives birth to fully formed, free swimming baby fish, about 30 days after fertilization. Sexes can easily be distinguished; the anal fin of the male is modified to form the Gonopodium (the male sex organ).

An easily cared for fish that does well in all types of community aquaria. Give them a fairly large tank with live plants and open swimming areas. Avoid too much driftwood, because as a rule livebearers do not like acidic water. Although not a schooling fish they benefit by being kept with a large number of their own kind.

Aquarium Industries Care Sheet