Carassius auratus auratus
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Ryukins have a short body with characteristic hump contour, on the back. The magnitude of the hump increases as the fish matures. Tail is approximately half the length of the body length.


The Ryukin has a short body with characteristic hump contour on the back – the magnitude of the hump increases as the fish matures.

While fancy goldfish have the same water quality requirements as standard goldfish, such as comets and fantails, they are generally more sensitive to water quality fluctuations and require regular aquarium maintenance to ensure they remain in good health.

Fancy goldfish are more susceptible to suffering from vitamin deficiencies when compared with standard varieties, so it is recommend to include vegetable based foods in their diet. Aquarium Industries Naturals Range Frozen Leafy Spinach is ideal, as it also includes essential vitamins and minerals. Aquatic plants are also a good addition.

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