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Silver Perch

Bidyanus bidyanus
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While young the Silver Perch are long and slender; adults develop a deeper body and are usually a grey-green colour.


Silver Perch are now bred commercially in large numbers in Australia, for use in both aquariums and as food fish.

Silver Perch are easily fed as they will accept most standard aquarium fish foods. Suitable foods include AI Naturals frozen food and suitably sized pellet food. In nature this fish is an omnivore eating a wide range of food including shrimps, aquatic insects, yabbies and plant matter.

Juvenile Silver Perch (pictured above) make an interesting addition to unheated aquariums. They are also suitable for dams or ponds in many areas of mainland Australia. (Check with your local authorities before stocking dams or other water bodies)

This species is best kept with some plant or rock cover as they tend to be “skittish” in a bare aquarium. They are constantly active which can sometimes upset more docile tank mates, but make an excellent addition to most tanks.

Aquarium Industries Care Sheet