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Snails – Mystery Gold

Pomacea cuprina
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Mystery snails are available in a lovely rich golden yellow and a blackish brown or tan form. Feeding foods rich in Beta-carotene will help intensify their colour.


Mystery snails grow to be the size of a golf ball, making them one of the largest snails on earth.

Mystery Snails will not eat your aquarium plants. They are terrific scavengers, and will eat decomposing plant leaves and any type of fish food. They will help to keep your tanks clean and free of detritus.

Mystery Snails are moderately amphibious, enabling them to lay their eggs above the water line. They have an “operculum” which they use to close their shell, enabling them to survive out of water for some time. Snails are sensitive to medications containing copper or insecticides. Take care to remove them from tanks before treating them with any chemicals containing these substances.

As they are sensitive to poor water conditions, they can be used as an indicator of poor water quality—as the water conditions deteriorate they will move to the water surface.

Mystery snails add interest and variety to the tropical aquarium, with the added benefit of helping to keep it clean!

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