Tropheus Duboisi

Tropheus duboisi
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Most Tropheus that are commercially available in Australia are juveniles, which exhibit very different markings to the mature fish.

The Duboisi starts as a black body with white spot and as it matures is become black with a large yellow band from pectoral to anal fin.


Fish in this family are generally referred to by the name “Tropheus”, followed by their species name. The second name can also be used to provide details such as geographical and / or colour morph. For example: Tropheus Duboisi, Tropheus Brichardi.

Tropheus are ordinarily moderately aggressive fish, however they become highly aggressive when breeding. Most aggression will be mainly directed at other Tropheus. Suitable tank mates would be any other fish with the similar temperament and adult size such as Peacock Cichlids, Electric Yellows and Gobies.

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