Why Stock Aquarium Industries Live Fish?

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Stocking live fish and related products not only delivers great margins and additional foot traffic, it also generates additional turnover across other categories including cat and dog as around half of all people who keep fish own at least one other pet.

Aquarium Industries has the widest range of livestock and frozen food available from any Australian wholesaler, we’ve got the lot! We stock everything from familiar favourites such as Goldfish, Tetras and Livebearers right through to rare and unusual Cichlids and popular Marine species. Our 4,500 square meter facility means that we have the capacity to meet your requirements even during peak periods. We are constantly searching for new and interesting varieties with new species added regularly. Along with our vast range of live fish, Aquarium Industries offers a wide variety of natural frozen fish food as well as frozen rats and mice for your reptile lovers. We also offer a variety of live food such as Live Black Worm.

In an Industry first, Aquarium Industries has also taken the hassle out of stocking live plants with the introduction of our Tissue Culture range. Our TC plants are grown and packed in completely sterile conditions, so they are guaranteed to be totally free from disease, algae and snails! The conveniently pre-packed, hang sell packs contain 5 individual plants, each with a complete root system, ready for your customer to plant straight away.

Further, Aquarium Industries has recently introduced a new Retail Live Fish Display Unit to our product range and along with the high quality, fully assembled, ready to install unit, we have put together a full training package to help you and your staff learn all there is to know about stocking, caring for and selling live fish. It includes access to our Online Fish Training modules, Shelf Talkers, support and assistance from our We Care Support Team along with additional sales and marketing tools, everything you need to hit the ground running.

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