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Wholesale Aquarium Fish for Retailers

Aquarium Fish WholesalerWe supply hundreds of pet and aquarium stores around Australia with a huge range of wholesale aquarium fish species, fish food and other aquarium products.

If you have a pet or aquarium store and would like to find out more about opening an account with Aquarium Industries, please fill in our Become an Aquarium Industries Retailer form. We also list some of the many benefits of becoming a registered AI retailer here.

We supply retail stores only – we do not sell direct to the public.  Use our Store Locator to find your nearest retailer.

If you are an existing customer and your enquiry relates to a Current Order that you have placed, please email during our office hours.

For advice on caring for your fish:
We apologise that due to workloads we are not able to reply to fish care queries that we receive from the general public. For advice on caring for your fish and on maintaining a healthy aquarium we have created The School which contains free fish care training courses, along with hundreds of free downloadable Care Sheets. Your nearest Fish Retailer will also be able to provide you with great advice and the right products.

Free Fish Care Training Courses when you visit The School

For general retailer enquiries, please fill out the form below. For enquiries relating to opening an account: please complete the form on this page instead.

This contact form is for non-urgent enquiries.  We will respond within 2 working days to your enquiry.

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