Marine Aquarium Fish


Marine aquarium fish are becoming increasingly more popular given their extensive vibrant colour varieties. The immense size of the ocean provides these fish with an extremely stable habitat. For this reason it is important to maintain the tank carefully, particularly pH and salinity, in order to thrive. Specialist equipment such as protein skimmers are also required.

As a general rule, marine fish will need relatively larger aquariums than freshwater species and are kept at much lower stocking densities. Feeding some species of marines can be hard as they do not readily take flake or crumble foods and prefer to feed on frozen or live foods.

Choosing tank mates should be done carefully as some species are predatory. It should also be noted that some species such as Lionfish and Foxface can have poisonous spines that can deliver extremely painful stings, or even cause death to people under some circumstances.

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The following are Care Sheets for a number of popular marine fish

Click on the links below to download the printable caresheets, which cover topics like habitat, feeding, tank requirements and breeding. You can also visit our Marine Image Gallery to view images of some of our current marine fish stock, or head to the AquaCam page to see the fish in action!

Introductory Topics

index Setting up a Marine Tank at Home
index Marine Fish Guide to Health Problems


index Dwarf Angelfish


index Copperband Butterflyfish
index Longnose Butterflyfish
index Margined Butterflyfish
index Raccoon Butterflyfish


index Banggai Cardinal


index Clown Fish Marine
index Clown Fish Blue Lipped
index Clown Fish Maroon

Damselfish and Chromis

index Damselfish


index Snowflake Moray Eel


index Goby Green
index Dartfish – Black Scissortail


index Coral Hawkfish

Jellyfish (Jellies)

index Moon Jellyfish 


index Kuda Seahorse
index Southern Knight Seahorse


index Rabbitfish Foxface

Tangs and Surgeon Fish

index Blue Tang
index Tangs and Surgeon Fish
index Yellow Tang


index Volitan Lionfish
index Zebra Lionfish

Mandarin Fish

index Mandarin Fish