Wholesale Marine Fish

Wholesale Marine Fish

Aquarium Industries: Quality Wholesale Marine Fish Supplier

As Australia’s largest importer of aquarium fish including both marine and freshwater species, we are proud to offer the largest range of wholesale marine fish including many rare and exotic species. When you become an Aquarium Industries retailer, you will have full access to our online ordering system which lists all of the available species and their prices. You can view our current stocklist to get an idea of the scope of our range, but please keep in mind that this list is updated daily and fluctuates considerably.

In addition we continue to work with local suppliers to ensure we can offer you endemic Australian fish as well as providing the essential invertebrate clean-up crew, such as snails, crabs and sea stars. We are also working on expanding our offer of invertebrates and will be releasing some exciting news shortly!

As a registered retailer you will also have the ability to request specific species, which we will always accommodate where possible. For more information about our wholesale marine fish range, register your aquarium or pet store business today.

View more benefits of becoming an Aquarium Industries retailer here.

Globally Sourced, High Quality Wholesale Marine Livestock

Aquarium Industries are very proud to boast a global network of top quality suppliers. Our suppliers are required to meet high quality standards which includes, screening & testing for fish health, adhering to strict pre-shipment conditioning, random form audits and on arrival testing to ensure we are providing our retailers the best available marine fish from around the globe.

As the biggest importer in Australia we only chose the best and have a number of exclusive partnerships in place with the most desirable collectors and breeders. We are also able to buy in large quantities when available and get them to you our retailers at the best price on the market.

All Marine fish that enter the facility from overseas are subjected to a 7 days quarantine period, in that time we let them settle into their new surrounding and make sure they are eating and happy. Once the quarantine period has passed we move them to our ‘for sale’ warehouse and they are available to be purchased and sent over night directly to your store.

Follow this link to the Marine Gallery page to see some of the quality marine species available for wholesale purchase.

Rare and Exotic Wholesale Marine Species

With Marine and other rare and exotic fish being so highly sort after we have recently started a page for our retailers to view a selection of fish so they know ‘What you see is what you get’. This has been a valuable source for our interstate retailers who are unable to visit the facility and select their own fish.

As well as the rare and exotic gallery we also have a dedicated ‘Marine Fish Gallery’ where you can see a huge range of fish that we have had in our facility or are able to source on your behalf. The images are also labelled with the common names of the fish so you can easily find them on our online ordering system.

If you have any questions regarding our wholesale marine fish range, or would like to enquire about becoming an Aquarium Industries retailer, fill in our enquiry form today.