Clownfish – Orange & White

Amphiprion ocellaris
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Juveniles Clownfish are very compatible with each other, swimming and feeding together in compact schools.


General Information

Originating in the Indian Pacific, the Clownfish can grow up to 8cm and live for 10 years.

Ocellaris clowns become territorial at about 5cm. Once they reach this size, it’s best to keep no more than one pair per tank and only pack one per bag when moving them.

In the absence of females, male clown fish will change sex by growing larger and becoming female. As a general rule, the largest adults are female and the smallest are males.

A.ocellaris is usually bright orange with white bands. The black and white colour form occurs naturally around Darwin and is currently thought to be a geographical race. Juvenile black and white clowns retain the orange/brown colour until they reach adulthood, at about 5cm. Caramel clowns are orange and white as juveniles, gradually developing a rich orange/caramel top half as they mature.

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