Ornamental marine fish are becoming increasingly popular in Australia given their vibrant colours and the significant improvements in marine tank systems. Aquarium Industries is supporting this trend and has dramatically increased its availability of these beautiful ocean fish.

We source our wholesale marine fish from across the globe including areas such as the South Pacific, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Hawaii, Indonesia and the Caribbean. Our stocklist is constantly being updated as we receive 2-3 large shipments of marine fish each week.

The sustainability of ornamental marine fish is important to us. We work with our international suppliers to ensure that our fish are caught in an ethical and sustainable fashion. We also support domestic breeders of marine fish and believe they play an important role in ensuring the long-term sustainability of ornamental marine fish keeping.

For more information on specific marine fish species, click on the products below – you’ll find informative care sheets as well as video footage of some of our current stock. Also check out our Marine Fish Image Gallery to see picture of some of our current stock.