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Invertebrates unlike fish do not have a backbone (vertebrae), rather they have a hard shell or exoskeleton which supports their body. This group contains a range of crustaceans which are fascinating creatures and add new interest and excitement to any aquarium tank. Many of these are native to Australia and are locally bred. Another interesting fact about crustaceans is that they grow by shedding their shell and growing a new shell – it is not uncommon to find an empty shell in the tank after they have moulted.

Land Hermit Crabs in particular are an excellent pet for young children, and as their name suggests do not live in water and are therefore relatively easy to look after when compared to other species!

The other group of invertebrates of interest are snails or molluscs, which are useful for helping to control algae. However, some snail species can eat aquatic plants and may themselves be eaten by certain species of fish such as Clown Loaches.

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