Black Moor

Carassius auratus auratus
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Black Moors are hardy, easy to care for and the ideal beginner’s fish.


The Black Moor makes a perfect first pet.

As experience and interest levels grows, their fascinating history and wide range of varieties also ensures that they are highly prized by the enthusiast.

Goldfish are best kept with other Goldfish, in a tank or pond. A good rule of thumb to minimise aggression is to keep straight tailed fish together with other straight tailed fish, and fantailed fish with fantailed fish.

A good staple food for goldfish is a high quality floating granule. The small size is best, as this assures all fish get their fair share. Feeding floating granules, two to three times a day, in the right quantities is one of the major factors in keeping goldfish healthy and active. For variety, occasionally substitute flake food, and, more importantly, some vegetable material. Aquarium Industries Naturals Range Frozen Leafy Spinach is ideal and we recommend that it is fed several times a week. The addition of Oranges adds much needed Vitamin C, and is especially beneficial during both spring and autumn when the temperature changes, which can result in the immune system of the Goldfish coming under stress and producing extra slime

Aquarium Industries Care Sheet