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Frozen Jellyfish Mix

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Contains Rotifers.
Suitable for Jellyfish and other small Freshwater and Marine Fish, and Corals



Aquarium Industries Frozen Jellyfish Mix

Jellyfish are passive filter feeders so it is vital that the food remains in suspension. Live newly hatched brine shrimp is the most commonly used food however with adequate water flow a combination of frozen foods such as, this frozen Jellyfish Mix, containing Rotifer or frozen brine shrimp or fresh brine shrimp can be used.

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Feed your pets the Natural way

Aquarium Industries Frozen Foods Range is the perfect complement to dry foods, and contribute to a balanced, healthy diet. The range contains no artificial colours or preservatives, and every pack contains detailed feeding instructions.

Aquarium Industries Frozen Food Range is made to our own exacting recipes, based on the food that your fish feed on naturally.

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