Catfish & Corydoras

Peppered Catfish

Corydoras paleatus
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The Peppered Catfish are a scaleless fish are mainly bronze with black and grey specks giving them the appearance of being peppered.


Peppered Corydoras have an armoured skin, which is reflected in its name – Cory means “a kind of fish” and Doras means “a leathery skin”. Unlike some catfish, Peppered Corydoras are active during the day but do prefer a well planted tank with plenty of hiding places. They are one of the most commonly kept catfish species in the world. This species is farmed in huge quantities throughout Asia.

Peppered Catfish are a peaceful community fish, and is naturally schooling, both with their own kind and other Corydoras species. These fish are best kept in small schools to help keep the tank bottom clean.

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