Tissue Culture Plants


Riccia fluitans
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One of the best carpeting plants for aquascaping. Grows well under metal halide or LED lights. Requires tying down initially to stop it floating.


Riccia was originally made famous by the inspirational tanks of renowned aquarist, Takashi Amano. You can see stunning examples of just how beautiful Riccia looks when you visit www.amanotakashi.net.

Riccia is a stem feeder, and we recommend that it is provided with liquid fertilisers. It will benefit from CO2 injections, and will do well under metal halide or LED lighting.

Because it is a floating plant, it will need to be tied down when planted, in order to create that beautiful lawn like effect. Trim regularly once established

Height: 1-5cm

Lighting: High

pH: 6.8-7.2

Temp:  22-26o

Skill Level: 3

Tissue Culture Plants have been grown in sterile containers that allow them to be easily moved and which are free from disease, pest and pathogens.

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