Loaches & Sharks

Shark – Golden

Epalzeorhynchos frenatus
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Golden Shark have a beautiful pale golden body with red fins, they are known to jump so we recommend you keep in a covered tank.


The Golden Shark is a peaceful fish that will ignore smaller fish like Tetras when they are small. As they reach full size they can get aggressive towards smaller fish. Keep them with semi-aggressive larger fish. They are curious fish with lots of personality and character. They will flourish in groups of 7 or more.

They are identified as Sharks because of their pointed head and a large pointed dorsal fin imitating the body shape of a saltwater shark. In contrast to the salt water shark, these fish are very peaceful in nature. They are active, fast swimmers and will try to jump out of the tank, therefore keep the tank covered with a tight glass at all times.

Aquarium Industries Care Sheet