Tissue Culture Plants

Sword Amazon

Echinodorus bleheri
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The Amazon Sword makes an excellent solitary feature plant.  Use in the midground  to background of your aquarium and provide medium to high lighting.  This slow growing plant will eventually reach 30 – 40 cm.


Echinodorus bleheri is hardy and easy to care for.

This slow growing plant will eventually reach 30 – 40 cm, making it an ideal feature plant. To display it to best advantage, plant in the mid to background of your aquarium.

If deprived of iron, the broad leaf amazon sword will lose colour, and start turning yellow. To avoid this, use an iron enriched substrate or root tablets. As Echinodorus have large root systems, they take most of their nutrients through the soil, therefore a good quality substrate fertiliser is recommended. You can learn more about feeding your aquatic plants in the Aquarium Industries “Feed your plants for success” care sheet, available from our website.

Height: 30-40cm

Lighting: Medium- High

pH: 6.8-7.5

Temp:  22-26o

Skill Level: 2

Tissue Culture Plants have been grown in sterile containers that allow them to be easily moved and which are free from disease, pest and pathogens.

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