Aquarium Industries launches ‘The School’ – Free fish training for consumers

Aquarium Industries has now launched ‘The School’ – free web-based training about the care of live fish and aquariums. Now everyone from beginners through to the experienced can now learn directly from Australia’s leading fish experts – absolutely free.

By visiting the Aquarium Industries website, consumers can complete 10 web-based, fully interactive fish training modules. The Basic training course covers such diverse topics as water quality, compatibility and species identification. Those with more experience can head to the Advanced courses, which provide useful information about correct feeding, filtration, lighting, tank care and more.

In launching the new courses, Dean Rogers, Managing Director of Aquarium Industries said “Many people don’t know that it takes less time each week to care for a home aquarium than it does to walk your dog each day! Fish make wonderful pets, and our fun courses make it easy to keep fish at home. Because our website has a Store Locator on ‘The School’ homepage, consumers can easily locate their nearest AI retailer once they have completed the courses, and are ready to buy.”

To visit The School and get started on your free fish training, simply click here.

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