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Murray River Rainbow

Melanotaenia fluviatilis
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The Murray River Rainbow is known for its iridescent blue/green body.

They are also the only Australian Rainbow fish to adapt to the low, 8-10 degree temperatures of a Victorian winter.


Australian and New Guinea Rainbowfish are members of the family Melanotaeniidae and are one of the more important Family groups in Australian waters.

The taxonomy of the group is somewhat confused and fish from different river systems often have different colours. To help with identification, they are distinguished by including the source in the name e.g. Murray River Rainbowfish.

Larger adult sized fish generally have better colours than juveniles and display well in planted tanks.

Rainbowfish are excellent examples of fish for beginners because they are extremely hardy and are not prone to many diseases common to other tropical fishes.

They are a suitable community fish that can be mixed with other larger community species.

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