COVID-19 – Aquarium Industries update

Aquarium Industries has recently reviewed our business contingency plan in light of the current Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result of the review, we would like to notify our customers that there is no immediate impact of supply affecting our ability to provide fish and plants to the pet and aquarium trade in Australia. We have and continue to experience some supply related issues to some (but not all) of our frozen food products and at this stage are unable to guarantee when exhausted supplies will be replenished. That said, we do have sufficient supplies of bloodworm, beefheart, brine shrimp, krill, mysis, daphnia and rotifers.

We have today implemented our contingency plans and will review this daily as new information comes to hand. While, we are confident that at this stage there will be no impact to supply, we cannot predict any government decisions that may impact trade in Australia. It is important to note, as you can understand, this situation is very fluid, and information can change quite rapidly. The major unknown elements are the changes in the transport network including airline schedules and/or courier routes or the ‘social distancing’ that consumers will adopt either individually or as advised by the government. We also note that the impact to the global markets and the volatility in the $AUD may require a review and shift in pricing in the near future.

This week we implemented internal measures to ensure staff are aware of their responsibilities towards hygiene practices and reminded them based on government recommendations that should they have any flu like symptoms that they should administer self-isolation and get tested.

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