FREE Ornamental Fish Biosecurity & Disease

On April 30th & May 1st 2018 Aquarium Industries in association with The Aquarium Vet will be delivering a

FREE ‘Virtual Conference’ on Biosecurity principles and Disease in Ornamental Fish.

This FREE course will be delivered by up to eight experts in the field of biosecurity, fish and invertebrate disease and treatments, stress in fish and fish care. Each registered participant will be required to attend both days (10am-4pm each day). The course will include lectures (with notes) and pre-recorded ‘how to guides’

Topics will include;

• Biosecurity & disease surveillance in the aquarium industry
• Importance of quarantine for new and/or diseased fish
• Stress in aquarium fish and susceptibility to disease
• Aquarium fish & invertebrate pathogens
• Aquarium fish & invertebrate disease treatments
• Microscope techniques
• Advanced aquarium fish care (water quality and chemistry; fish compatibility)
• Euthanasia of aquarium fish
• Public health concerns – retailer and customer

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