Fish Care Education

Fish Care Education is the key to success

At Aquarium Industries we understand the value of education and training both within the industry and to the consumer. As a result we have invested significantly in developing interactive online learning content designed specifically for our customers and for the consumer.

Our consumer based learning content is available free of charge via our website and is presented as a series of 10 interactive learning modules. The modules are designed to help consumers learn about a range of important topics such as species identification, water quality, fish compatibility, feeding fish and general tank care.

Our industry focused learning (for retailer account holders) modules are provided via our state of the art Learning Management System.  Our modules are designed to help our customers train their staff in critical areas such as basic fish care, maintaining fish health, disease identification and treatment and even how to care for marine species.

To learn more please contact us here.Fish Care Education

Aquarium Industries also recognises the importance of being aware of current and future market trends in order to ensure we continue to provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers and consumers.  To achieve this outcome we maintain constant communication with our customers to determine what their consumers would like us to provide.

In more recent times, we have entered into social media via Facebook and other media platforms to better understand first-hand market trends. Our Facebook page is designed to promote general fish keeping and includes tips on fish care, photos of available stock and is also used to run competitions.  The key objective with these initiatives is to increase foot traffic into retail stores where people can purchase Aquarium Industries fish, plants, frozen foods and live insects. Since establishing Facebook we have regularly published our consumer stock list (excluding prices) so consumers are informed of our latest offerings.  This allows them to go to their Local Aquarium shop and ask for currently available Aquarium Industries products.

We have put together some helpful hints on getting special orders for your customers below;

  • Print our stock list for your customer (or they may bring it to you)
  • Get as much detail as you can about what your customer is looking to purchase – breed, size, colour variation, sex.
  • Place your order with us, obtain our price and inform your customer of YOUR price.
    • If we are out of stock please request the fish and we will do our best to get them in ASAP.
  • We recommend getting a deposit if it is not a line you normally stock
  • Speak to your customer about when you are ordering and when they will be expected to pick them up
  • Get your customer’s contact details (home, work & mobile numbers & email if available)
  • If your ordering a fish that you generally do not keep at the shop, arrange for your customer to collect the fish on the day it arrives from Aquarium Industries