Freshwater Aquatic Plants for your Aquarium

The Benefits of Aquatic Plants

Freshwater aquatic plants are the recycling system of the aquarium. They use the waste products from the fish as fertiliser to power their growth. As plants grow, they generate oxygen, which the fish then breathe; a perfect combination. In Addition, plants help create a more natural environment for your fish and a planted freshwater aquarium is a beautiful addition to any room, drawing admiring comments from all those that visit.

So when you choose to decorate your tank with plants, you will not only add interest and colour to your aquarium, you will ensure that your fish are happy, healthy and vibrant.

Plants from Aquarium IndustriesPlant_NEW

Aquarium Industries has a wide selection of plants suitable for your home aquariums.  Our range includes Tissue Culture plants and larger plants mounted on rock or wood and packaged in convenient hang sell packs for easy keeping until you plant them in your tank.

Aquarium Industries were the first in Australia to introduce tissue culture aquatic plants to the aquarium industry, but what is a tissue culture plant? Tissue culture plants are grown in a laboratory, which means they are free from disease, pests and pathogens. Plants are grown in a special nutrient rich jelly called Agar. The Agar we use is different for each plant variant to deliver the best possible start to each species.

The plants require no water to keep growing while they are in the pots, as long as they are provided with light. Most plants can survive 6 weeks if kept in a cool well-lit environment before planting them into your tank. As the plants have been grown in a laboratory, they will not introduce snails, algae or disease into your aquarium.

For those looking for more established plants Aquarium Industries also has a range of larger plants which started life off as Tissue Culture plants and have been grown in our nursery (compared to the tissue culture plants that are a bit smaller).

Unlike ‘bunch’ plants, Aquarium Industries Tissue Culture Plants and Nursery Grown Plants have a complete root system so it is as simple as rinse, plant and watch them grow!

If you have not previously kept plants in your aquarium, Aquarium Industries have put together some care sheets to help you on your way to creating a beautiful planted tank. Please follow the links below for further information:

A green beautiful planted tropical freshwater aquarium with fishes

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