Black Neon Tetra

Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
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The Black Neon Tetra has a silver belly with a black top underneath the dorsal and a green to white line through the body from the eye to the tail, they are shaped similar to Kerri Tetra just smaller.


A lot of people think that the Black Neon Tetra and the Neon Tetra are the same types of fish; this is not true. Although having the same names (Neon) these fish are completely different and have variations on the water quality they will live in and the level of difficulty in keeping them. Keeping them in a tank with plants will let them hide under the leaves and make them feel less stressed.

It is not that hard to tell the difference between males and females. Females will be a lot plumper and rounder in the body due to their bellies being full with eggs. Black neon’s are egg layers and will lay their eggs in a scattered formation, laying them on leaves glass and rocks in the aquarium. Parents should be removed from the tank after they laid the eggs as the adults will eat the eggs and fry.

Aquarium Industries Care Sheet